Customize, Enhance Google Chrome New Tab or Start Page

Google chrome provides a boring start page showing the list of most visited and recent visited sites with their thumbnails which you can remove it using the options provided on the same page. It also shows the history, downloads and help options at the bottom of the window.

Most of us are bored with this start page and think of a substitute for this. Considering this need of many users, Google has launched an extension called Start which provides a new look to your start page.

Start extension makes use of your bookmarks and is useful for all your start paging needs. It provides a fresh new look to your start page of chrome.

When you will install it, it will ask you the access to your browsing history and bookmarks. You just have to select ‘install’ and it will be installed in just a few seconds.


After installation, when you will open your chrome then, a new and refreshing start page will open. Here, you can see your bookmarks which are on the bookmarkbar at the right side of the window. And, the two options of ‘other bookmarks’ and ‘most recent’ will be present in the form of list.

The details of them can be seen by just clicking on their options.

You can directly open the Google by just clicking on the icon present on the main window.

You can also directly search on your default search engine by specifying the search in the space provided. It will take you directly to the default search engine.


You can change the background photo accordingly by using the option ‘Change background’. Basically, it uses Flickr for it but you can also put your choice of photos by just providing the URL of the photo in the option of ‘URL’ present at the bottom of the window.


You can also change the icons of your favorite sites present in the bookmark by just a right-click on the icon. It will open a small window from where you can choose the desired icon. You can also select a predefined icons from


You cam also manage your bookmarks and read your favorite news feed on the start page only. It usually takes one feed url but if you want multiple feeds into the same url, you can use feed bundles in Google Reader.


You can also use keyboard shortcuts for example, for opening a new tab, press ‘Ctrl+t’, for refreshing the page use ‘Ctrl+r’ and for reopening the recent closed tabs, press ‘Ctrl+Shift+T’ .

Download Start

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