Customize Dock In Mac OS X Leopard or Later With Docker

The Mac OS X dock is probably the most easily recognizable and unique features of Mac OS X (though it has now made its way to Windows and Linux systems) and it is a tool that almost every Mac user relies upon and uses for their day-to-day work.

The dock by itself provides some basic customization features such as level of magnification, position on the screen, hidden or shown, and likewise.

But what a lot of other people do not know is that there are a lot more customization options for the dock that are not directly accessible by the UI, but may be accessed by using commands from the Terminal. While not the most user-friendly way, but it definitely works.

Docker is an app for Mac OS X that allows you to do these vast range of customizations to your dock from a nice and friendly user interface rather than having to issue commands.

Some of the customizations that are possible are:

    • Dock Style (2D/3D)
    • Translucent Icons

    • Icon Size/Positioning
    • Advanced Dock Positioning
    • Animations/Effects

    • Stacks and Spacers

    • Finder/Menubar Visibility

    • Settings Locks

Using these settings, you can customize your Mac OS X dock exactly to your preferences. Docker is free, donationware software, and if you like it, you might consider donating to the developer.

Download Docker

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