Customize Aero Blur Colors, Color Balances, Blur Balance & Aero Strips In Windows 7

Windows 7 has probably become the most favourite Windows and it is highly appreciated for its added options for customizing the appearances but still users across worldwide are more keen to do more editing with the appearance of their Windows 7. So today we will be telling you about a tool using using you can customize your Windows 7 Aero Blur Colors, Color Balances, Blur Balance & Aero Strips.

Windows 7 has no inbuilt option for customizing the appearance of all these stuffs. So for doing so, you can use a  new and innovative tool named AeroTuner. AeroTuner is a free portable tool for Windows 7 that allows you to customize the aero blur colors, color balances, blur balance and aero strips. It is a very light weight utility and you even doesn’t require to install for using it.

This nifty utility has a very simple graphical interface and any novice user can easily use this tool. All you need to do is just double click on its exe fie and then you can start customizing the appearance.

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This is the main window of this utility. There are various parameters given on main window only and below each parameter a seek bar is available which you can drag to desired value to change the appearances. The four parameters are Color Balance, After Glow Color Balance, Blur Balance and Aero Stripes. Just drag the seek bar to desired level to make the changes to respective parameter.

Once you have done editing all the settings, simply click on Save Change and the close the applications. This tool will then automatically make the desired changes in the Windows registry and the only disadvantage of this tool is that there is no option available using which you can revert back to your original settings. So you will need to change the theme to revert to original settings.

The Colors boxes given at main window will display the change in color before applying any changes. So you can choose desired color before applying the new changes. There is also an option given to add Transparency effects. To include these effects, just click on checkbox with named Transparency and then click on Save.

The size of AeroTuner is just 363 Kb and it doesn’t even needed to get installed and you can run it directly from is exe file. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows and has been tested successfully on Windows 7 Ultimate-32 bit edition.

Download AeroTuner

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