Critical, Low Battery Alert, Pop Up For Windows Laptops

For all of of us who use laptops on the move want to be notified about the battery of the laptop at regular interval instead of the laptop just getting turned off all of a sudden and all the work that we were doing for so long is just gone. Windows although has a power manager but will not provide any pop ups regarding the status of the battery at regular intervals so you have to be alert yourselves to check the battery status at regular intervals. Today I have got a solution to your problem an application named BatteryDeley.

After using this application you will not have to look at the status of the battery again and again the application will give you the status of the battery at regular intervals. The intervals at which the status will be given by the application can be set by you. The application will also inform you whether you are connected to the battery or not. The application will help you manage your work on the laptop as now you will get regular pop ups of when your battery is going to end and hence you can save your work at the right time before your laptop shuts down with low power and also save your laptop from any issue due to sudden shutdown.

batterydeley 1

The icon of the application will appear in the system tray after you will download the software and run it for the first time. The software will not require any type of installation it will run directly from the exe file that you will get by unzipping the file. When you will right click on the icon of the application in the system tray a pop up window will open with options like BatteryDeley, Settings, Reload settings, About and Exit. The BatteryDeley and About option will give you the information about the tool.

batterydeley 4

The above window will open when you will click on the settings option. By default the settings of the tool are configured to provide you alerts as your battery reduces to 90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%, 10 and 5%. You can modify this number according to your wish and also you can increase the number of alerts to according to you at any interval. Each alert has its own image and a .wav sound. In order to change the settings of the application check the BatteryDeley.ini file and in case there is no such file present run the program once and it will make one.

Download BatteryDeley.

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