Create Your Own Jumplists In Windows 7 With Jumplist-Launcher

What Are Jumplists ?

Jump Lists, a new feature introduced in Windows 7, in which a list of destinations and common tasks associated with an application is attached to that application’s taskbar button and when you click the taskbar button all these these tasks and associated actions will show up [ as shown in the image below ]


Now you can create you own custom Jumplist with your own list of favorite programs with freeware program Jumplist-Launcher. It lets you add up to 60 programs or files within self-defined groups inside a jumplist.

How To Create A Custom Jumplist

1. Start Jumplist-Launcher.exe
2. Add Groups by clicking the ‘Add Group’ button and rename them by clicking on their name in the tree view
3. Add files/programs by either clicking on the ‘…’ button or directly dragging them into the Jumplist-Launcher window
4. You can reorganize the order of groups and files by selecting them in the tree view and pressing the up or down-button
5. You can change the number of Jumplist-items
6. Now, When you click on ‘Create Jumplist’ to save everything and Create the jumplist
7. Pin the program to the super taskbar in windows 7
8. Close the program

Some Known Issues In Jumplist-Launcher

1. Changing the maximum number of Jumplist-entries changes the number of recently used files all across Windows 7
2. The maximum number of Jumplist-items can’t be read from the registry on some computers – Developer is trying to find out the reason.
3. Jumplists can’t be created on some computers both problems need further investigation, which is going on :P

Download Jumplist-Launcher

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