Create Windows 7 Recovery Disc Form Windows 7 Installed Copy On Your Computer

Windows 7 is one of the best OS released from microsoft till now, but it might happen to you that one fine day you got up and found windows 7 not booting up and you don’t know the reason why it is not booting up. In that case you should better be ready with a windows 7 recovery disc which you can easily create with the installed copy of windows 7 on your machine.

Follow the instructions given below on how to create a windows 7 recovery disc

1. Open Windows 7 Start Menu and type system repair in search box, you will see the following search result – click Create a System Repair Disc under the search results


2. It will open up another dialog box which will ask you to insert a Blank DVD in DVD Drive so that it can start burning recovery disk for your computer.


3. Insert the blank DVD to write and click create Disk. That’s it now you can use this recovery disc to repair windows 7 when ever you run out of any problem in booting up windows 7 on your pc :)


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