Create Ubuntu Live USB Drive From Ubuntu ISO Image Or CD Drive On a Windows PC With Ubuntu Live USB Imager

Ubuntu Live USB Imager is another cool software which lets you create Ubuntu Live USB drive which you can use just like the live ubuntu cd on any computer, moreover this program can create live USB form other ubuntu variants also. Creating Live USBs for Kubuntu and Xubuntu can also be done with this free utility.


An Ubuntu Live USB drive which you create with this tool, allows you to run Ubuntu Linux operating system anywhere you need this could help you a lot in windows troubleshooting, as if run into a problem where you cannot boot Windows then you can use an Ubuntu Live USB drive to boot your computer into a nice Linux GUI environment and backup your files with the Live USB Ubuntu running from your portable USB drive.

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The application very simple and easy to use

1. Firstly, you will need to browse ISO image or CD/DVD source.

2. Then you choose the USB Drive connected to your computer on which you want to install Ubuntu with ISO / CD / DVD image as source. 

3. Now, select the size of a persistence file which will store the documents you create while using the Live Ubuntu.

Note: There are various persistence file sizes ranging from 128MB to 4096MB you can select as per your thumb-drive capacity.

Download Ubuntu Live USB Imager | Alternative Link To Download Ubuntu Live USB Imager

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