Create Time Lapse, Stop Motion Videos With PC Webcam Camera

Today, pictures, images and videos have become some of the common media files which are being used for entertainment and are also being transferred over the internet. Normally, all of us capture some of our best moments in the form of images or pictures and share them with our friends, relatives and family members. But, what if we want those images or pictures to be shown as video. For this we introduce a new tool to you which can help you in making stop motion videos or time lapse videos.

Chronolapse is the small and smart tool that can be used to create stop motion, time lapse videos with the help of screenshots and webcam captures. It takes the screenshots or webcam captures as mentioned by the user, after a period of time which has been defined by the user and then process them in order to create a video file.


ChronoLapse is basically an open source app with its primary function of creating time lapses and stop motions videos which has been already mentioned above. Some users love to create such videos and for such kind of users it is a real gift. Along with the above mentioned features, it also offers many other features which includes, schedule time lapse job, adjust, resize, rotate saved images, annotate saved images and videos, picture-in-picture composition, encode photosets into videos, and dub audio over video files which can prove to be very useful if you are looking to edit these snapshots or video created by the tool.


As mentioned earlier you have to configure it by entering the time interval after which you want it to take the snapshots. After configuring that option along with that of saving time-lapses, you can provide the keywords that may be used as comments over images. Along with these, one can also make a record hotkey combination for a fast capture of the screen. Once you are done with all these configuration, then you just have to simply click on the Start Capture and the tool will start capturing the screen and also the webcam images after the particular amount of time that you have defined. There is another option available in the tool for one who hate to create these time lapse photosets manually. So, for that Schedule tab is provided which allows the user to automatically start and stop the capturing process according to the scheduled time entered by the user. In that schedule tab user just need to enter the Start and Stop Time and the rest will be handled by the scheduler.

One more tab is present named as Adjust tab, under which the user can enter the source and output path of the directory in which images are stored and then specify the actions which he/she wants to perform, like resize and rotation, and these actions can then be applied over all the images at one go. Similarly, other tabs are also present which can be used for different functionalities and for various features.

Overall, this tool proves to be one complete images time lapse development tool. With various features like images to video and annotation with capture configuration settings it is a strong and powerful tool which serves the complete purpose for the user by providing the user with multi-level customization for creating time lapse photoset video. It works fine on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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