Create Smaller Size Folders From One Big Folder Based On Size, File Type, Name & Group Files

In order to keep our folders and files organized we tend to keep all the files under a specific folder. For example, you will find that all the MP3 files are found under a folder named Music or Songs and similarly you will find that generally on anyone’s system all the video files are kept under a folder named ‘Video’. We start organizing the small number of files by dividing them into folders on our system, but as the times passes our collection gets increased further and same happens with the size of the folders on our system.


Now a days, you will find that the size of the folder for Music and Videos is not less than 40 or 50 GB or this figure might be low for some people. Now the problem arrives when they think of shifting this data while formatting the system, as it is hard to find a vacant space of such a high values in any of your hard drives. So the only option you have is to split that folder and then store them in other hard disks, now if you start splitting them manually then it may eat up lots of your time and energy. So, here I am with a solution named Folder Axe.

Now as the name tells that it will axe the folder specified by you to the tool. In the screenshot shown above, I specified the folder as ‘MUSIC’, when you sort the files under a single folder; you have several options like sorting by Name, Sorting by the Size, Sorting by the type and more. Similarly this tool gives you the option to split a folder on the similar basis mentioned just above. First of you will have to specify the folder by browsing it and then you will have to specify the basis on which the folder will be divided. Once you do so, click the button Split and then it will make all the new folders inside the main folder with all the files in them.

You can take a look at the video mentioned above; it will be of great help. The size of this tool is 800KB, we have tested the tool on latest version of Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. Please let us know if you face any issue while dealing with this tool.

Download Folder Axe

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