Create, Save iPhone Notes In Gmail Account Directly

With the released of iOS 4 firmware for iphone, apple added a feature of syncing iphone notes with gmail account, today we will tell you how actually you can use that feature. With iPhone notes sync enabled with your gmail account, when ever you create a note on your iphone it will get stored in gmail account under label named Notes which will be automatically created.

1. First go to Settings >> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Select your gmail account and tap it


2. Turn on notes under that gmail account you selected in step 1 


3. Now open the notes app on your iphone and tap accounts


Under accounts, select your gmail account here whose name is gmail imap in my case.


After selecting gmail account, we created a test note to test whether the notes are getting stored under the gmail account.


After creating the note we logged in our gmail account and found out the test note stored in gmail account under the label Notes as shown in the image below.

12-21-2010 12-06-29 AM

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