Create Ringtone With Recorded Voice, Songs Stored On iPhone Under iTunes On Phone

Creating iPhone ringtones is now really easy, as you can now easily create ringtone with the songs you have on your iphone under iTunes we have tested for all the songs we transferred on our iphone test unit but this method may not work for the songs you have purchased through iTunes.

Ringtone Maker is a free app on iphone itunes app store which allows you to create ring tones of any part of the song with maximum 30 seconds time period for the ringtone. You can use your iPod, iphone songs to create ringtones, create unlimited number of ringtones,

- Easily controls start time of the song.
- Fade in and fade out.
- Fast ringtone saving.
- Record any sound and make it a ringtone.

Usage of the app is pretty simple, you just need to select the song from the itunes library and then trim the section of the song. Follow the procedure below to create a ringtone with this software

1. Start the app, then select the song from iTunes library


2. Once you have selected the song, you can now trim  a part of it to create a iphone ringtone


3. Once the ringtone has been created, save the ringtone and then you can send it via mail to your email account.


4. Now mail it to your account, and then download on your computer running iTunes and put it under ringtones in iTunes software on your computer.


5. Check the ringtone to sync it with your iphone.

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It will show up under ringtones selection under iphone under Settings >> Sounds >> Ringtone

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