Create QR Code With Your Computer For Any Webpage In Any Web Browser With Internet Connectivity

QR Code are the new way of communicating these days, as they can store text, website or webpage URL, SMS, Wi Fi Network Credentials or image in them. However in order to read or decode a QR code you will need a camera and a software running your phone which decode the QR Code and extracts the information in it. 

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However if you are interested you can read our guide on how to decode QR Code using webcam and free software on your computer or laptop. Now if you want to create a QR Code pointing to any webpage, website, email id, sms, text or images you can do it any web browser in simple right click with the extensions like QR Code Generator for google chrome it generates a QR Code from the current page, link or selected text through a quick and easy right-click menu. It’s very handy for sending links or short texts to your mobile phone with a QR code reader.

For those who use firefox can try the extension called Mobile Barcoder for firefox. Some other ways of creating a QR Code are independent of your internet browser as they are free online web service which can easily create a QR Code and then you can download the created QR Code and print it on paper on any object. One such free to use webservice is QR-Code Generator as shown in the image below.

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As you can see in the image below you can store large number of different types of data in a QR Code as shown in the image below.

qr code generator

Once you have created the QR Code you can print them on t-shirts, coffee mugs, business cards and badges etc as shown in the image below.

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