Create QR Code For Text or URL Of Webpage

Today I have got an application for you named QRTrans which will help you in making the QR codes from the URL or a user defined text. This tool is a Google Chrome Extension. QR codes is also know as Quick Response code. It is a type of a matrix barcode. The code was first designed for the requirements of the Automotive industry. But now these codes have become very popular even outside this Automotive industry due to its large storage capacity and its fast readability.The code consists of square patterns on a white background which can store encoded information in binary or alphanumeric.

QR codes are now used in a many applications like entertainment, commercial tracking, transport ticketing, product labeling and product marketing. All these application are aimed towards the smartphone users of Android, i OS and Blackberry OS. Now a days Smartphones are capable of receiving and sending the text via QR codes. You can also send and receive vCard via QR codes. QR codes can also be used to send and receive URI(Uniform Resource Identifier), URL(Uniform, Resource Locator), E-mail and text messages. Smartphone user can generate and receive QR codes from the various paid or free applications  that are available for Android, i OS and Blackberry OS. The QR codes are now a days so popular that they are appearing on the Magazines, on signs, on business cards, on buses, on food products and on various other day to day items that we purchase. These codes provide you an insight into the details of the product. If you have a smartphone which can read the QR codes then you don’t need anyone to help you out with some key question that you always have while purchasing the product, where is it from whether it is authentic or not, you just have to believe what you see on your smartphone and not what somebody else is saying to you. Also you don’t have to search for the Manufacturing Date, Expiry Date and the Batch No. on the product by turning from side to side as all these info will be present in the QR codes.


This is the menu which will open you will click on the QR icon on the right of the address bar. The icon on the right of the address bar will come after installing the QRTrans extension in the Google Chrome browser. The extension has two options it can either generate the QR code from the current URL of the web page using the This URL button or it can make a QR code from a piece of text that you will type in the text box which will appear on clicking the Free Text button. In both the cases the QR code will be generated by clicking the QR code button.

Download QRTrans.

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