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We might have a large range of QR Code Generators. But there is a same problem with almost all of them. They are available for a specific purpose. Every time we need a different code type we will need a new software and again a new search. I feel like it is a complete wastage of time. So, I feel it would the better option if I have all of them at the place. In order to search this kind of generator, I found a web service named as QR Code Generator. It provides a large range of services.

QR Code Generator is a free web service provided by delivr. You can got to the web page with the link given at the end. The snapshot given below displays the web service.

QR Code Generator - Create Your Own QR Codes - Delivr - Google Chrome_2011-04-30_12-10-15

Various Code Types are available for which you can generate the QR Code. The different types along with the details to be filled are listed below:

  1. URL: URL to be coded.
  2. Services: Service provided are Android Market (App Page), Android Market (App Search), Blackberry App World, Disqus, Facebook, Flickr, foursquare Venue, foursquare Venue Check – in, iPhone App Store, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Yelp Mobile, YouTube Video and their links.
  3. Google Places / Map: Street Address.
  4. Contact Information: Name, Company, Phone Number, Email, Address, Website and Memo.
  5. Email Address: Address.
  6. Phone Number: Phone Number.
  7. SMS to Phone Number: Phone Number and Message.
  8. SMS to Short Code: Short Code and Keyword.
  9. Text: Text Content.
  10. RSS Feed: RSS Feed Address.

Apart from this, you can choose to shorten the URL for small code or use it in the original form. Secondly, specify the size of Code as Small, Medium or Large. Finally, click on Generate QR Code. The code will be generated as shown in the snapshot above. You can download it in the PNG or EPS format. Also, you can download the QR Code Reader from the same web page.

You can avail the additional code types for personalised delivr address, editing, API, QR Code tracking and analytics. But fur those you have to Sign Up and then receive them. Though they are also available free of cost. The snapshot below displays the sign up option for the extra receivables.

Delivr  Sign Up - Google Chrome_2011-04-30_12-11-50

So, now you can generate any type of QR Code just by giving a few specifications as mentioned. And the availability of the Code Reader makes the service more beneficial and useful.

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