Create Private Friends Groups On Orkut – Send Scraps To All

Google Orkut team has just launched the great feature sending scraps to multiple people in group, Orkut now allows you to send scraps to your friends straight from your homepage in orkut. And more: you can send the same scrap to many people at the same time or even to all your friends. That’s right: no more copy and paste!

Now you can send a single message to as many people as you want, all at once! Send a scrap, photo, video or whatever to a group of friends or choose recipients individually. And if your friends reply on what you’ve sent them, it becomes a group conversation! Not feeling that social? Send a message to just one or two friends.


You love your grandma and you’re friends with your boss, but that doesn’t mean you want them both seeing the conversation you’re having with your friends the day after a party. With orkut, you can now build separate groups of your friends reflecting how you interact with them in real life. Keep it polite with some, let your hair down with others. It’s never been easier.


Scraps, photos, videos, anything can be posted to anyone without ever having to leave the comfort of your own homepage! Just use the box at the top of your page and easily select who you want to receive that post.


Orkut apps, search results, themes and more, all with new and faster pages. Your apps are clearly displayed on your profile below your communities, and you can easily mute apps updates from other friends.


Orkut interface seems to be on a roller coaster for a change, there are more changes lined up in the following areas


Friend Suggestions

Fortune of The Day and Recent Visitors

Games and Applications


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