Create Polaroid Picture From Any Photo, Image

Obviously, one of the best way to arrange all of your favorite images is to create a Polaroid of them and then get it fitted into photo frame. On one of my friends birthday i decided to give him that same gift as mentioned above and it took me much time to prepare that for him, but then I wanted a better solution to this work. So, today we will be reviewing a tool knows Polaroid which will help you to create the images as they appear in Polaroid.

This tool has a very funky appearance that will surely attract and specially the sound effect. Just your image on that tool and then you will get desired size and borders for that image which is desired for a Polaroid. he output of all the images will be in JPEG format and the images will be little bit tilted which can be changed as per your convenience.


From the above snapshot you can see that even the application window of this tool will be similar a image and it appears to be an image generator. You will just have to place the image on that brown portion coming out of that box. No matter what ever is the format of your image file, it will convert it into a proper form of a Polaroid. Now when you will place your image file on that tool it will generate a blank brown Polaroid which will not any image, but you will observer that image will start appearing on the on that blank piece of image.


Slowly and slowly after few minutes you will be able to see that image will start appearing on that blank piece of Polaroid. Now after extracting your image as Polaroid just place all those files on a blank background and finalize your Polaroid. Now your Polaroid will be ready and then you can give to any one or get it printed.


The size of this tool is around 7 Mb and it will take no time to get installed. It is very simple to use as we have already mentioned about the complete procedure to use this tool. This tool is compatible with all the versions of Windows as it has been checked with Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate edition. I am sure that you will like its sound effects and its appearance. Go ahead and use it!!!1

Download Polaroid0.9

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