Create Multiple Windows Folders In Single Click

There are times when you may want to create multiple windows folders at multiple locations in windows, by default in windows if you want to create multiple folder at different path you will need to manually create these folders one by one after navigating deep into the folder path required.

Folder Frenzy is a freeware tool which lets you create application designed to help you create multiple new folders in single click via its easy to use interface. The names that the folders should have can be typed or pasted into the list box. Each folder name should be entered on a new line as shown in the image below.


In order to add the new folder name and it path, you will need to enter the path and then put in the number of folder with those similar names and then click add button. Once you have added new folders in the list of new folders to be created, just click the button create folders to create these multiple folders in single click. It will show you the message prompt once it has created these folders.

It is a very light [ 720 Kb ] portable tool which consumes very less memory, it seems to work on all versions of windows including windows 7 we have just tested it on windows 7 32 bit ultimate edition. 

Download Folder Frenzy


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