Create Multiple Pages Of PDF From Single PDF File

You may have seen many PDF tools which can convert the word files into PDF or they can split a PDF file into any number of parts you want or they can sum up any number of PDF files to a single PDF file. Most of the freewares which are available online have a limit on their tools. For example, they will not let you to split a file into more than 5 parts and then they will ask you to buy a full version of the tool to have the full privileges.


Today I will be telling you about a tool which can help you to split or join two or more PDF files. It can join any number or PDF files into a single file and it will not offer any constraint on joining any number of PDF files, but the only constraint is on splitting files. This tool will not allow you to split the file into group of pages. For example, if you want to split a PDF file of 20 pages, then it will split it into 20 different files, with each page of that input file in those 20 output files. This tool will not split that file into less than 20 parts.

But you can use this tool to add footer at the end of the PDF file or if you want that 2 sides of the input file should be printed on 1 side of the output file, then again you can use this tool. This tool can be used to print any number of sides of the input file on a single side of the output file. You can see the screenshot, where first of all you will have to add the PDF files which are supposed to be clubbed into one. If you want to perform certain operations on only one file, then you can select that file and then look towards the other operations specified in the application window.

You can select any of the layout option to print the number of sides of the input files on a single side of the output file. You can also add a footer as per the template specified in the tool, you can also set the width of the footer occupied by the settings in the tool. After doing all the amendment you can take a look at the preview, where a temporary PDF file will be generated after applying all the operations from the tool, then after making the final changes you can start the tool.

The tool is not convenient for the users who only want to split the PDF into different group of pages or who do not have much to work with the page layouts of the PDF as for the rest of the normal operation any normal freeware can be easily used, you can search them on this site. The size of the tool is 700 KBs and it will be very easy to work on. It has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit ultimate edition, so please let us know if you face any issue while working with this tool.

Download PDF Split and Merge

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