Create Multiple Folders And Sub-Folders In Bulk Using Simple Text File

You may have come across situations and may have experienced even in your own computer that it becomes really difficult to manage all the files and data if you have different types of files scattered all around in a folder, for example all those music files, movies and documents that you may have downloaded and need to sort out into folders at some point, but are unable to do so as it looks like a time consuming and a boring task. So, for such scenarios we here recommend you a small utility which can make your work easier. Although, there are some other methods too by which you can make the folders in order to manage different type of files, but using a utility is always a best option.

Text 2 Folders is a small, simple, useful and effective tool to make multiple folders and nested folders at once, so that different files can be sorted in different folders according to their type. In order to start with the utility, first of all you need to choose a root folder where you want all other folders to be created. After choosing the root folder, the next step is to create a text file with names of folders that you want to create similar to the one given in the below snapshot. For eg., you might write folder names as “Music”, ‘Videos”, “Pictures”, etc., depending upon the kind of data that you want to keep in those folders. Similarly, you may also create sub-folders by mentioning them in a similar way that we have given in the snapshot just by giving the folder name inside the Documents folder by using a “/” to set the path.


After this, you just need to save the file and insert the complete path of the file in “Text File” field. After this, you just need to click on the Create Folders option in order to automatically create the folders and sub-folders at once that you mentioned in the text file. So, as you may see that it is a very simple utility but still can help you in making large number of folders, sub-folders according to your need and requirements.


So, overall we can say that it is a small and useful utility which can be used under Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download Text 2 Folder

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