Create Image From Text With Text To Image Converter

There are times when we need to convert some text into a image. For example, while making presentations, we specially choose alphabetical box in which we can write the required text.

But if we will be having a tool which will directly convert the text into picture then, we can just copy the converted image saving a lot of time which will be consumed in the setting of that box.

So, i am reviewing a freeware called Convert Text To Image which will convert the desired text in the Gif image very fast and in an easy manner. This tool is compatible with windows 7, vista, xp, Vista, 2003 and Windows 2008 (both 32 bit and 64bit).

NOTE: The converted image will be in the GIF format.

It requires .Net framework 2.0 in order to run which is normally a part of the operating system so, there is no need to install it.

It is downloaded in the form of zip file so, the application needs to be extracted before running. Also, the application is in the exe file so, does not need installation.

This tool is compact and just perform the specific task for which it is made for. The main window is easy to use with very few options on it.


You just have to put the converted image location in the space provided and write your text in the window provided. The text can be copied and pasted for saving the time.

After doing these two things, you just have to select the option ‘Convert’ and within a few seconds, your text will be converted into an image and will be saved at the given location.

For example, i have given the image file location to be desktop, so after the conversion, i can see my file at the desktop in the Gif format.


The converted image can be opened in any image editor may be mspaint, Microsoft office picture manager or any other. For example, i have used Microsoft office picture manager then, my image will appear like this.


Now, this image can be used anywhere either in any presentation or in any document where it is required.

So, it is a simple and smart tool with few options but is of great usage.

Download Convert Text To Image v

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