Create Google Map Embed Code For Any Webpage

Many a times, we need to tell the exact location or directions on the webpage. But it is not always convenient to explain. So, the better option is to insert the map. You may find many options, but the complexity becomes the hurdle. So, I find a very good option that will help you to insert the maps online on your page. The online tool available to you is tixik map generator. Now, you can easily type the place and get the map to be inserted.

Tixik map generator is an online utility available to you to create the maps. The utility is available free of cost. It will generate the code which can be added along with your coding to display the map on the webpage. The snapshot below presents the details you have to enter to create the map. It has been divided in two parts: Basic features and Graphics and effects. You just have to enter the name of the place and the address.


The other features in Basic features are to be specified based on the requirements. The size (width and height)can be mentioned according the size of your webpage. You may select the the Map Type as Road map, Satellite or Terrain. The zoom size can be selected from 1 to 15.

Then you can specify the Graphics and effects. The border and rounded corners effect can vary from 0 px to 10 px. The shadow of the picture must be there or not. Hide bubble option is used if you don’t want to show the name and address on the map. The map can be rotated from –5 degrees to 5 degrees. Click on Create a map to get the code.

I have entered delhi as place name and address. The code thus generated is shown in the snapshot.


The preview image will be shown to you. So that you can confirm whether the desired location is correctly displayed.


If you want to make some changes, that can be done with the help of the image shown as Clarify the image. It gives option similar to google maps to make your job easy. You can move the image left, right, up or down and magnify etc. All the options have been clearly shown in the snapshot below.


You may use the tool for the creation of the maps any number of times. The best thing is that it can be used for commercial as well as non commercial purposes. Even the technical support is available free of cost. But it wants its user to follow only one thing for sure. The code which has been generated to enter on the webpage must be same as it was originally generated by the website. There must be no changes done by the user. This is required to get the correct result.

Create a map with tixik map generator

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