Create, Edit Google Docs On Mobile Phone

Recently I told you about a news in which I mentioned that Google has started with their new Google Documents services from mobile which was really a very nice initiative when people have started being dependent on the this new online document editing service. In this post I will be adding something more to my previous news as one of the problem has been resolved which was observed while launching that service.


One of the major problem with the service was that the users were not able to create the new document by using this service on mobile. Now you must have observed that if we use Google documents on laptop then we can use almost everything that we can do with Microsoft Office. But there is a problem which still exists in mobile version of Google Documents, you will only be able to edit the existing document or I should say that the documents which have already been uploaded by your or it has been shared by any of your friend can be edited by you.

But you cannot create any document with this web service. Now they have resolved this problem and added a new icon in their web service which will help you to create the new document and then you can do all the operations which were being performed earlier. It was a really a major issue and now this has been resolved. But again a problem persists, which is the compatibility of this Google Documents on different platforms still the Google is trying its best to make it available on all the platform but let’s see what happens. Till now the compatible platform is above FROYO and iOS 3.0.

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