Create Desktop Shortcut To Chat With Your Favorite Gtalk Buddies [ Gtalk Tip ]

Google Talk is such nice and very useful chat messenger which lets you chat with you friends using gmail and orkut, you can be connected all the time to all your friends via google talk, even if they are not using mail. We had posted some google talk tips before like running multiple gtalk messengers, ways to use google talk whether it is blocked, stop gtalk messenger automatically start with windows startup and how to go invisible on gtalk.

Today we will tell you about another useful trick for google talk users, which allows you to create desktop shortcuts for launching the chat window.

For example, I frequently chat with some person in google talk, so every time I want to chat with him I would need to search and type his name or gmail id in search bar or you can also enable to see all online contacts by enabling the scrollbar.   

So, if you don’t want to search every time the same person you frequently chat, you can create desktop shortcuts with the following target paths.

gtalk:chat? [starts a chat]

gtalk:call? [starts a call]

So, to create desktop shortcut, right click in the empty area of the desktop and then select New >> Shortcut and paste above text as shown in the image below.


Give any name to this shortcut, could your friend nickname may be. That’s it now you can quickly chat to your friend using this cool desktop shortcut, just double click to open the chat window.


We hope you like this simple but useful trick for many people including, let us know your ideas and comments on this.


  1. lokesh says

    while creating the shortcut, after giving the path,it shows that the
    file gtalk:chat? cannot be found.
    I am using windows vista.
    and my gtalk location is
    “C:\Users\lokesh\AppData\Roaming\Google\Google Talk\googletalk.exe”
    plz reply

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