Create / Delete Symbolic Links, Junction Points, Soft Links and Hard Links

A Symlink or a symbolic link, as created by Windows, is much similar to a directory junction, but unlike a directory junction it can point to a file or a remote network file or directory. The target may be defined as a path relative to the symbolic link position, or an absolute path in the current volume or another one

There are times when you might be running out of diskspace on a particular drive, In such case in order to redirect a program installation, copying files to the same drive can result in insufficient space problems. So you should better specify a symlink to redirect the files copy and installation files of some programs which force or by default install on your primary drive where you low disk space.

Symbolic Link Creator or SymLinker is a free portable program which allows you to create symbolic links, directory junctions and hard links with a cool easy to understand GUI Interface. Previously these links were created in windows on command line but this application offers a simple user interface to do the same.


In order to create a symlink you will need to specify the folder where you want to place the link and the destination folder you want to link, select the type of link it should create and then click the button Create Link – It will confirm the link creation


Once you see the confirmation prompt, go to the Link folder you will see your symbolic link there, you can also use some other freeware programs for the same purpose like Junction, Junction Link Magic and NTFS Link Shell Extension or else you can read more info here about symbolic links

This application requires .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 and works on all windows versions, however we have tested it on windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

Download SymLinker aka Symbolic Link Creator

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