Create Custom Wallpaper For Your Home Room Walls With Hp WallArt [For India]

HP India recently launched their new web service called for india, It allows you to create custom home room wallpapers and order them online, it allows you create custom home rooms wallpapers which could bring new life to your boring wallpapers. You can design your own wallpaper either for the entire wall or a portion of the wall to be covered with wallpaper.

Create Your Walls

Hp Wall Art is printed on a 100% safe wallpaper media which completely safe for kids and have been tested to last for 20 years in terms of fading, these wallpapers can be reinstalled and moved from one wall to another just by wetting then up with water, you just need water to put or remove the wallpapers from walls. You can either install these wallpapers by yourself or get them installed, if you live in Delhi – NCR regions installation cost is covered in cost of the wallpaper.

hp wallpaper for your home walls

It will give you the approximate cost in indian currency as per the size of your wall, you can select from different themes and concepts and add door and windows to your wall in this virtual environment to make a wallpaper correct with right dimensions.

wallpaper customize

You can resize the door and windows on your wall, add power outlet, window arch etc. Once you have set the structure of the wall, you can now decide the theme and then either use the predesigned templates or design one of your own. In case you design one template of your own, the hp website will delete it once you order the wallpaper – they will also delete your personalized wallpaper as well.

hp wallpaper 

You can move objects, resize them and also add more objects on the wallpaper to make it looks better more personalized of your own as per your needs as shown in the image below.

3-22-2012 6-28-21 PM

Finally you can preview the wallpaper before adding it to your cart and buying the after then as shown in the image below.

3-22-2012 6-29-55 PM

As they say Five reasons you should choose WallArt and how do they work as mentioned in the image below.

Hp wallart

Watch The Video Below To Know How To Design These Wallpapers With HP WallArt

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