Create Custom Right Click Menu, Sub Menu in Windows

Right click menu or the context menu is one of the features of Windows which makes your work lot easier and faster. Various options comes in-built into the context menu from where you may choose your option in just a single-click. Earlier also, we have discussed various tools which allows you to modify the context menu of your computer and also allows you to add various options to it. These utilities allow the user to customize the menu according the needs and requirements. Today, we are going to discuss one similar utility which is distinct from others of its ty0pe and provides some extra features as compared to them.

Right Click Cascading Menu Creator is a simple, easy to use, useful and basically yet another freeware tool for Windows 7 which allows its users to customize the context menu of desktop by adding cascading style menus and that too very easily. It allows you to add a file, folder or an application shortcut to the context menu and group them into different categories and that too in a very easy way. In this way, this tool provides you a feature through which you can get quick access to your most commonly used applications, files and folders from your desktop.


One may easily download the utility from the link given below and it can then be easily installed in the system. After running the app for the first time, you may observe that the app has two panel, and the one which is on the left is for main menu and the other one that is there on the right side is for sub menus. In both the panels, one may add multiple menu in each category and hence makes it an easy to use utility. As said earlier, it allows you to select a file, folder or an application as shortcut on the right side menu which will then be viewed in the menu. As already said, it also gives an option to add a cascading menu right click option from the context menu in Windows.


By simply following the above mentioned steps, you may easily create the menu and the menu is created, you can easily access the files and folders from the desktop. Although, it is a pretty simple utility but it allow the users to totally customize the behavior of the shortcut with custom icon, name and command line arguments. So, just download it and give it a try as right click Cascading Menu Shortcuts is a nice option to create custom menus in Windows and you may like it.

Download Right click Cascading Menu Creator

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