Create Custom Office 2007 Ribbon User Interface With Office 2007 Ribbon Editor

The most talked about feature of office 2007 after 2003 was this ribbon interface which seems to be difficult for the users who were using the classic version of office including 2000, 2002 and 2003, We had previously posted about how to remove ribbon in office 2007, remove ribbon and get classic menu in office 2010 beta and how to hide ribbon interface to save space in 2010 beta version released recently.

Today, we will tell you about this free software which allows you design your own custom ribbons for office 2007, this could be a really useful program for the developers to create custom ribbon UI as this software provides the access to XML that generates the ribbons. 

Office 2007 Ribbon Editor

Note: Brazuca.Net [ Developer Website ] has taken application and enhanced it by eliminating some bugs and providing new features and created Office 2007 Ribbon Editor that allows developers to create custom Ribbon UI’s for Office 2007 products.   

Download Office 2007 Ribbon Editor

Requirements: It requires .Net Framework 3.5


  1. Peter Leaf says

    Thanks for promoting my software. Please note that an update is available (embedding images is now available).
    I also working on a new feature, Save As, that was missing from the original OpenXML application.

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