Create Custom Hotkeys To Run Command Or Application On Windows 7 or Later

As we all know that while working with various shortcuts we normally use keyboard more than mouse as using keyboard more speeds up the work than using mouse if you know all the shortcuts. Now for a software that you  are working on the there would be some shortcuts that are already predefined and there are some Hotkeys that can be defined by you in a software. But in case you need more Hotkeys to be defined for the system tasks and the various windows applications installed on your machine then I have a software tool for you that will help you to achieve this known as HotKeyP.

HotkeyP 1

This is the first window that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading installing it. You can see that the toolbar in the HotKeyP software has following options like Window, File, Hotkey, Category and Help. Shown above is a screenshot for the software showing Window menu.  There are a few options on the right hand side of the window like Add, Insert, Edit, Delete and Options. Add and Insert will open a Hot Key Popup to add the hotkey. Edit and Delete are used for editing the options for the already existing hotkey and deleting the hotkey if it is not required anymore. Then there are the up and down arrow only to move the selection up and down to reorder them.

HotkeyP 6

This the window that opens up when you click on the options button on the right hand side of the window. It has all the option regarding the software in General tab, hotkeys that you are going to make for system tasks in Command tab. And then it has some options for Mouse/Remote and Joystick.

HotkeyP 2

The above screenshot shows the options for File menu. Some of the important options in this menu that will  be used frequently are Open hotkeys, Delete Hotkeys, Open settings etc. .

HotkeyP 3

The above screenshot shows the options for Hotkey menu. Some of the important options in this menu that will be used consistently in making the hotkeys for your application and windows task’s are Insert new,  Append, Duplicate, Edit etc. .

HotkeyP 4

The above screenshot shows the options for Category menu. It will help you to customize you hotkeys according to the categories created by you. Some of the frequently used options in this menu are Assign to selected hotkeys, Rename, Up , Down etc. .

HotkeyP 5

The above screen shot will explain you how to create the hotkeys for the customized or the windows task’s. The above Hot Key window will pop up on clicking on any of the two option on the right hand side of the window which are Add and Insert. Now in this Hot Key window when you click on the the less than sign (<). You will get the options to make the Hotkeys for the system tasks which can be selected through the number of categories and the sub categories as shown. In order to make the Hotkeys for windows application you will have to click on the button pointed out by red arrow you will get the browse window to select the application and make the hotkeys for them.

Download HotKeyP.

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