Create, Combine Two Different Format Audio Files Into One Using Helium Audio Joiner

If you are looking for a software to join your audio files to create one single file then your search ends here. Helium Audio Joiner is used to join the files and you can customize the output track by inserting silence between any two joining tracks. You can also  edit the tracks and apply the tags to the resulting  file.

Helium Audio Converter

The Helium Audio Joiner supports most of the popular formats like AAC(Advanced Audio Coding), MP3, MPC, MP4, FLAC, M4B, M4A, WMA(Windows Media Audio), WAVE, Ogg Vorbis, WAVPack. In order to add the songs to the Helium Audio Joiner you can add folders or straight away audio files from the Add Folders or the Add Files button. Drag and Drop functionality is also supported in it. You can simply drag and drop the files and the folders from the Windows Explorer into the  Helium Audio Joiner. After putting the files and folder into the Helium Audio Joiner you can reorder them by moving the items in the list.

After adding the folder or the files you can set tags for title, album, artist, genre and various other parameters for the joined audio file. The Analyse button in the Helium Audio Joiner will help you to analyze your files for errors before and after the joining of the audio files to create the CUE File.

Steps to follow to  join files :-

1. You should first add all the files to the list and then reorder them. Analyze all the files for errors that you have added.

2. Select the Output format and set the Encoder Options accordingly.

3. Now specify the Tag Information for the output file in the Tag Information Section on the Right hand side.

4. Click on Join Files Button in the Right Hand Corner.

You can also checkmark the create CUE file if you want a resulting CUE file. Options can be given to set whether the silence between tracks should be added or not and a warning is also set which will be given while joining lossy and lossless music files. Helium Audio Joiner is available in the following language translations :

a. English

b. German

c. Spanish

d. Czech

e. Swedish

f. Japanese

This software can be downloaded from the link given below and after downloading it you can start joining the audio files.

Click here to Download the Helium Audio Joiner

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