Create Android Phone Wallpaper From Any Image In Google Chrome

Whenever I am surfing through the internet, there are a number of images that are really wonderful. And many a times I would like to transfer to my cell phone and use them as the wallpaper. But everytime I have to face the same problem, the image is not as per the scale of the wallpaper of my phone. And the same image is not available as the wallpaper. And I think almost all of us face the same problem. So, we think that nothing can be done. To overcome this problem easily, I would like to introduce a new Google Chrome Extension named as Pix2fone for Google Chrome.

Pix2fone for Google Chrome is a google chrome extension available free of cost. It has been designed such that the user can convert any image in the google chrome browser as his cellphone wallpaper. It is an online service and you can easily receive the image on your phone in different ways as per your convenience. You have follow few simple steps as given below:

Step 1: Right click on the image you like. Select the option “Save image as phone wallpaper.” This will take you to a new webpage which actually provides you the service.


Step 2: This webpage will display the all the companies and you can select yours. As soon as you select the your mobile phone company, it will display all the models available. So, you can select the model of your mobile phone. After the selection is completed it will ask you to upload the image.

Pix2fone  Choose your phone - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-54-33

Step 3: The image can be uploaded in two formats. The first is from your system and the second is from the web. To select the picture from your system you have to browse it. To upload it from the internet, open the image on a new webpage and copy paste the URL link. After this select Upload in both the cases. The image will be upload in few seconds.

Pix2fone  Create phone wallpapers - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-56-16

Step 4: Select the part of the image you like and click like. The size of the box will be as per the model of your cellphone.

Pix2fone  Create phone wallpapers - Google Chrome_2011-07-07_22-59-49

Step 5: You can download the image in three formats. First, open the given webpage on your phone browser and type the code. Second, scan the QR-code through your phone. Third, send the SMS (text message) to your cell phone. The process is very easy as all the steps will be desired.

Now, I think all the users can enjoy any image on their cellphone as the wallpaper.

Install Pix2fone for Google Chrome

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