Create and Sync Notes With Google Docs With NoteSync Desktop Tool

NoteSync is a currently free software till it is open beta for public, it is a cool adobe air based tool which lets you add notes fast and sync them with your Google docs account. Automatic syncing happens every minute or when you feel like it by pressing the sync button or else offline mode fully supported without google docs sync mode is also supported.


NoteSync is very easy to use, following are some key features of this application.

1. It Takes Notes Quite Fast

2. Sync Automatically With Google Docs

3. Search Notes Faster

4. All Notes Are Being Created as Not Shared Docs in Google Docs

5. It supports easy to keyboard shortcuts

6. You can use it to access your notes from any computer you use.

7. It runs on Secure HTTP transmission protocol so all your information is sent after encryption. 

Below are simple keyboard shortcuts you can use with NoteSync.

Ctr-L – Set focus in search bar
Ctr-J – Scroll to previous note
Ctr-K – Scroll to next note

Lets discuss how can you create a simple note and then check to see whether that note has been created, follow the procedure below.

1. After installing this adobe air based application, enter you google account username and password to verify and then click Login button


2. Once you are logged in, type the heading of a note in the search box, and click Enter key or press + sign button to add the note and then sync or add the same in google docs.


3. Once the note has been added you can add further detailed text into it, and it will automatically synced with google docs.


4. [ Optional Step ] Open in your web browser, where you will see new notes being created and synced.


Conclusion – This application is really useful to create and sync notes with your google docs, as this way all your notes you create with this software are automatically backed up online on google docs. 

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Download NoteSync to add and sync notes to google docs from desktop


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