Create and Share List Of Bookmarks In Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks has recently rolled out a new feature according to which you can create a list of bookmarks which you can share it among other google account users, you can add your existing bookmarks to the list or add new ones. Below is a step by step procedure which allows you to create and share bookmarks list in google bookmarks.


1. Login to google bookmarks at and click the button highlighted in the image below to create new bookmarks list


2. Give a name to your google bookmark list and description [ optional ] and set the visibility of the list to be private or public ande  then click Create list button.


3. Once the list it created it will redirect you to the new page where you can add urls to the newly google bookmarks list you have created.


4. Another way to add bookmarks is that you can add your existing bookmarks to the list by selecting the bookmarks and then click copy to list


5. Once you have added the bookmarks you can share it, with other people whom you would want to allow to edit the list.


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