Create a Bootable USB Drive With XP Recovery Console With USB Recovery Console

USB Recovery Console is a free command line based tool which allows you to make your device bootable and also installs recovery console on the USB drive itself so that you can trouble shoot some basic problems using the recovery console on the USB drive.


This tool uses the HP USB Dos format tool to create bootable USB drive, and that file is not included with the tool and is copyrighted to HP. so this script will download and run the HP USB DOS format tool setup if you don’t already have that on your computer. It will be downloading direct from an HP web site.

Note: You must accept the HP End User License Agreement during setup when it asks and you need administrator rights and windows xp machine to run this tool.

Step By step procedure to run this tool

1. Download USB Recovery Tool and extract the zip package in separate directory

2.  Right click mkrecovery.cmd file and click edit to change the attributes in the config file.

3. Change USBDRV value R: to the drive letter that is been currently used by your USB Drive when you plug it in your computer.
4. Change XPSRC to the path of your Windows XP Setup folder that could be placed on the cd inserted or on your hard disk.

5. Exit and Save then double click on mkrecovery.cmd to run this tool.


Download USB Recovery Console Tool Direct Link | USB Recovery Tool Home Page | Alternate Link USB Recovery Console


  1. Gad says

    Would be nice if it worked. All it gives is and error. Tried several times from different PC’s.

  2. syafar says

    or else use this link –

  3. kocu says

    Hi, I’m also having the stldr is missing. I think there’s a problem with ordering of the command lines regarding stldr. I can fix it by doing this:

    – run

    – goto to your SYSTEM folder under mkrecovery folder
    (Example: cd mkrecoverysystem)

    – run 2 command below, DONT FORGET to change all 3 drive letters (G:) to your usb drive

    mkbt.exe -x stldr.bin G:
    mkbt.exe -x -c G:

  4. tech says

    followed directions above and still an error, although different:


    “A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage…etc”

    STOP: 0x0000007B 0xF7920524 0xC0000034 0x0000000 0x0000000

  5. kuro says

    stuck when downloading Setup HP USB Format Tool, it says 404 (file not found)
    is there any solution to obtain this file? i try download it manually, still no luck (404/not found)

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