Copy, Transfer iPhone Camera Roll Pictures, Video Via WiFi To Any Computer

There are times when you may need to transfer some pictures on your iphone to some computer but you don’t have the iphone data cable handy with you, at such times you might feel compromised as you cannot send pictures via bluetooth like any other phone.


Air Gallery [ App Store Link ] is a 0.99$ app available on app store which solves this problem, as it allows you to transfer pictures in your iphone to any computer via Wi Fi network connectivity, the only thing which you need is that both the computer and iphone must be connected to same Wi Fi network to transfer photos, videos to computer from iphone.

Follow the procedure below to transfer photos, video through Air Gallery from your iphone

1. Once you have installed Air Gallery app on your iphone, run it but make sure that your iphone is connected to the Wi Fi network. Once you run the app, it will show you the URL to access the iphone camera roll photos and video via webDAV protocol through a internet browser.


2. Now go to the address specified for your iphone by this application shown on the phone interface as shown in the image below, you will see all the photos and videos in your browser window, which you can download on a single click as shown in the image below.

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