Copy Paste Images In Gmail To Send Them Via Email

Recently some days back gmail team has announced a great new feature which allows you to drag and drop files from your computer browser to the new email window in gmail to send these files as attachment via email or drag and drop attachment to save or download attachments files in windows. 

Now gmail team has announced another new feature as per which you can copy and paste images, photos directly in the new email window and you can send them email easily, the only thing you need to make sure is that you are running latest version of google chrome on your computer, read on how to update google chrome version.

Once you have latest google chrome running, you can paste images right from your clipboard too. So if you copy an image from the web or another email, you can paste it right into your message. This could be really useful for those who wants to share screenshot or some small number of pictures with others instantly this way.

Follow the procedure below on how to insert these images or photos with quick copy paste.

Add Images To Gmail New Email Message With Simple Copy Paste

1. Login to gmail account 

2. Compose a new email message, now copy and paste an image or photo in gmail email message window just like you do with copy pasting files in between different folders in gmail.

3. Once you have added the image, you can type in the text message left and then send the message.

This way the photos which you have added via copy paste technique will be sent as embedded image in email, but this may appear as attachment for those who are not using good speed internet connection.

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