Copy Paste From Tynt Script Enabled Websites Without Read More Link Added

Tynt is a free to use web service which many webmasters are using these days on their sites in order to stop copy paste of content to some other sites, but there are times when some one just want to copy text like references and quotes which are supposed to be presented in original form only or some users just want to copy paste some specific tip from our site, to store it locally in file or for future references.

So, there are times when there are daily website readers who would like to copy paste some text without the attribution link, In such case you can follow any one of the following methods to remove attribution link to the page from where you are copying the text.

The most simple solution is to remove the attribution link from the copied content, which you can find at the end of the copied text.

Method 1 - As the link added to the copied text is done with a java script which gets loaded from tynt servers, go to “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts” and add the following line of code [ Via TechieBuzz ]

Once you add this line of code, the script from tracer tynt will not load on your computer, as you have blocked it from loading and the copied text from any website using tynt will be without the attribution link.

Method 2 [ Applies To Google Chrome Users ] – Google Chrome users can install Tynt Blocker extension – It will prevent from recording copy/paste events from sites that use Tynt’s tracer script.


Tynt Blocker [ Google Chrome Extension ]

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