Copy Paste Different Texts At Multiple Locations

Multiple copy paste options is some thing which many windows users miss in windows, as many times you need to copy multiple texts and items. But while copy pasting there can only item which can be pasted at a time through windows clipboard. However if you have Microsoft installed, you can select and copy multiple items from office clipboard easily, you can read more detailed guide on this here

But if you are working in some other application in windows, then in such cases you can use the following third party programs which allows you to do multiple copy paste of items in clipboard.


My favorite program to copy paste multiple items at the same time is ClipX, or else you can the following tools to do the same.

1. CopyPasteTool  – This small tool allows to save several values of text in clipboard and paste them. Use standard keys for copying (CTRL+C) and pasting (CTRL+V) as usual, but if you want to paste previous text in clipboard then simply press V again and don’t release CTRL. Use CTRL+C+C for copying selected text with clearing all previous entries.

2. Many Paste – It is convenient and very simple to use. it captures items as they are copied to the Windows Clipboard, and you can simply bring up a menu containing all the previously copied items and select the item you want to paste from it using a hot key. [ Works similar like ClipX ]

Another new tool which has been released recently called Multiple Clipboards can also be used to copy paste multiple items or two different blocks of text multiple times.

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