Copy Large Number Of Files In Bulk From One Computer To Other

Whenever you try to copy the installed directory of a tool or large number of web-pages, then your copying gets slow, because they have large number small file which have a size of less than 100 KB. You computer always copies all the files serially, in other words the other file in the queue will not be copied until and unless the file ahead of it gets copied and that is the reason no matter the file size is tool small, the writing of the devices reduces which means your computer will lots of time and will utilize full CPU memory to copy the contents.


But today, we will be telling you about a tool which can let your computer to copy these files in parallel mode. This will make the copying mechanism faster for 5 to 6 times on your computer, this simply means that previously when only one thread of copying was running on your computer and this tool will make more than one threads to run on your computer doing the same thing simultaneously.

You can take a look at the screenshot mentioned above.Here you can see that initially, you will have to browse the location for the source and the destination of the files. After you assign both the paths, you are supposed to define the number of threads which you want to run simultaneously for copying those files. If you are setting this number to 20 then this means that you are allowing 20 threads to copy 20 files simultaneously thus make copying procedure 20 times faster.

You also have two options, one of them is before copying the contents to the destination you want to delete all the data already available there, or if you only want to copy folders leaving files behind then second option can also be enabled. After you install this tool you will find its shortcut link available on the Desktop which can be used to launch this tool. The size of this tool is around 1 MB and it has been checked on Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition. So, let us know if you face any problem while using this tool.

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