Copy Files On, From Network Computer In Windows 7 or Later Using QCopy

Now a days we are connected to the network  24 hours a day, whether it is Internet or Intranet in our office or homes. Intranet can be small or large depending upon the location . If we are at our offices then the intranet will be very large connecting all the office computers across all the locations in the world. If we are at our homes intranet will be very small just like a Local Area Connection connecting the computers in our homes or to the max in our society. Whenever we are connected to any connection the most important and frequent activity that we do is the transfer of data.

In order to make copying of multiple files to a network computer a in easy and manageable way I have brought a tool for you named QCopy. The tool is a freeware which will help you to copy multiple files and folders to a network drive. The application is designed to copy the files and folders over the network to or from a network computer using Wireless or Wired connection. The software gives you an option to queue files and folders from different locations copy them to the any location in the network.

QCopy 2

This is the first screen that will open up when you will run the software for the first time after downloading and installing it. The files and folders that you want to transfer can be directly added to software just by dragging and dropping in the software window. The tool has various options like Load Queue, Save Queue, Move Up, Move Down, To Top and To Bottom. The Save Queue and Load Queue is used to save the queue of the files that has to be copied and load Queue is used to load that queue to start the copying process after it has been interrupted. The Move Up and Move Down options are used to move the selected files up or down. The To Top and To Bottom options are used to move the selected files to the top or to the bottom. There is a Delete and Clear button an the bottom. The clear button is used to clear the whole list and the delete button is used to delete the specific file from the list. Destination is used to specify where the files are going to be copied.

QCopy 1

After the list is made and the destination is given we can start the copy by clicking on the Copy button. The process of copy can also be paused using the pause button. It allows you to skip the selected files using the skip button. The copying process can be cancelled using the Cancel button.

Download QCopy.

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