Copy Files From Computer To Android Phone Via Wifi Network

We have been hunting for a while to bring you the best android apps ever and the hunt is still on. We discover numerous apps daily but review the best of them for you and today we are here with one such amazing app all dedicated to syncing data between your personal computer and your android device.

The app is available for free on the Android Market and is known as Wifi Syncr. Before I actually start explaining how to set up the connection between your PC and device I must tell you that the app follows a one way Sync route. It means that once the connection is established, the user can only transfer files from computer to the android device and not the other way round.

It might bring a little bit of disappointment but honestly speaking, the app is the easiest one to set up. The app starts up with a very simple interface on the home screen with a space under the title Name to enter a Profile name as per your wish and buttons like Configure Sync, Save and Cancel. To begin, first enter a name for your Profile and tap the Configure Sync button.


The very next screen will show a pop-up with Enter name/IP of server written in the space for entering text, where you have to type in your Full Computer Name. For users who don’t know where the Full Computer Name is, right click on My Computer and select properties and on the very next window you will be able to locate it.

After entering your computer name, proceed after tapping of Scan for shares button. Assuming that you have already shared a particular folder on your computer the content of which you wish to sync , on the next page your profile will be displayed with the user defined shared folders. For instance in my case I had my Users and Songs folders shared which are displayed in the picture below. Tap on the folder and on the next screen your Profile is displayed where you have to select it and hit the Sync button.


One thing to note here is that after the sync is complete the application will display the folder through Astro File Manager only which can be downloaded from the android market for free before you start using Wifi Syncr or if you forget to do it, no need to worry since Syncr will automatically ask you to download it once it has completed the task.


The user can also enable some helpful options like Autostart Wifi, where the Wifi is turned on immediately as you start the app. The second option is of Sync Deletion of files which means that the if the synced files are deleted from the host computer, the same will be deleted from the device as well. The best feature is the Remote Notifier Support which on enabling will display a notification in WIndows computer’s system tray. This one-way data syncing app is really simple and unique so download it and starting transferring your stuff.

Download Wifi Syncr – [Android Market]

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