Copy Facebook Photo Albums To Google+ Using Picasa Web

The most important part in our Social Networking is the images which we share with our friends and I know that we all are quite conscious about it. So now a days when we all are shifting from Facebook to Google Plus or rather we are trying this new social networking site, we need to put some images over our Google Plus account. Now if you start uploading your images then it might take some useful time of yours because first of all you will have to find them at every corner of your folder and then you will choose them and then you will upload them.

Now it might happen that you may have lost some of the important pictures of yours, so how to retrieve them all in a very short way is to download them from the Facebook and then upload them to Google Plus, But you can make it further easier if I give you an option to shift those photographs from Facebook to Google Plus. Just follow the steps mentioned below and then you will be able to do the same.

  • First of all, open you Google Chrome browser and then install this Chrome extension. Its link has been mentioned at the bottom of the post. After installing, Go to Tools icon and click the option mentioned in the snapshot below.


  • Now Click the name of the extension as mentioned in the snapshot below.


  • Now you will see a page starting with an image as mentioned in the snapshot below, follow the steps written on the page and then you can shift the photographs easily.


  • You will have to give this extension the permission for accessing the Google Plus account and then you have to give the permission for the Facebook account also.



  • After doing that you can select the images from the album or you shift all the albums from Facebook account to Google Chrome.


That’s it now you will be able to shift the images from Facebook to Google Plus, but just keep one thing in mind that the amount of time will depend on the number photographs which are to be shifted.

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