Copy, Extract Windows Theme Wallpapers From Theme File Without Applying or Installing It

Lot of new windows 7 themes get released every day at windows 7 personalisation gallery, we have already posted about different new themes for windows 7 time to time, one thing I have observed while installing some new themes in windows 7 that some times the color scheme is not too good but the wallpapers of theme are great.

At such times I want to only copy all the wallpapers from that theme but wallpaper and the theme file are combined together which gets extracted to the windows themes folder once you click the .theme file it get installed and applied, in such case if you to copy all the wallpapers, you can read our guide here

In case you don’t want to install or apply the theme on windows you can copy or extract all the wallpapers from the theme file directly using winrar or 7zip.

7-21-2011 3-43-20 PM

You just need to download the theme file on your computer and then extract only all the wallpapers from theme file by opening it with winrar or 7zip as shown in the image below.

extract theme file 

Now it will ask you the folder path where you want to extract the wallpapers, and extracted you have all the wallpapers in folder of your choice without installing the windows 7 theme.

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