Copy, Extract Text From Corrupted, Damaged Office 2007 Word Documents

Sometimes it happens that your Microsoft Word documents get corrupted due to some third party software or due to any other reason. In that case all the data on all the word files which can be very important has to restored. In case you have back up and the back up files also get corrupt What will you do ?. We have a solution for you that will help you to recover the text in the corrupted word file. The name of the solution is  Damaged docx2txt tool which is a freeware.

Damaged DOC2TXT 2

This is how the tool looks after you will download it and open it. This is not a software it is just like a converter it doesn’t need to be installed. Simply after extracting the tool run the exe file and the above window will open up. It only has two menu options File and Help. In File menu option you have three options Open, Save and  Exit. The first option in the File  menu is used to browse and select the file which is none other than the corrupt Microsoft word document and click Open in the Open window.

Damaged DOC2TXT 1

After the the previous step when you clicked it will process the request to retrieve the text from the corrupt Microsoft Word document and the text retrieved will be displayed in the window. Now this text can be Saved using the Save option in the File menu. The text in the window will be saved in the text format. One more advantage of this tool is that it can be used to see the contents of the Microsoft Word file when we don’t have it installed on our machine. The Help menu will tell you more about the software and how it works internally to retrieve the text from the corrupt Microsoft Word text file.

There is one more software that is a more generic one which can be used to repair almost all kinds of files like corrupt Microsoft Word Documents, excel sheets, corrupted RAR and ZIP files, corrupted videos, corrupted images, corrupt PDF’s, corrupt PowerPoint presentations and corrupted Access Databases called File Repair.

Download  Damaged doc2txt tool.

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