Copy, Extract Files Corrupt, Damaged .ZIP File

If you are using your mobile phone to operate internet on your system or due to some reason your internet connection is not stable for a day and you need to download a file which is zipped. It may happen that you are supposed to download the whole ZIP files in order to have access to a single small file available in the Zipped folder. Now if your internet connection is not stable then it simply means that your downloading is getting broken again and again and due to this reason you cannot access that Zipped file because once the downloading stops in between and that ZIP file gets corrupt.


Now, if you want to unzip the corrupted file then it cannot happen because once you try to unzip it, it will show you an error dialogue box and nothing will come out of it. Today we will be telling you about a tool named as Zip2Fix and this will help you to extract any piece of file which is available in that corrupt ZIP file.

You can see the screenshot of the tool mentioned above, now here you will have to open that corrupt file in this application window using the ‘Open’ button and then it will automatically extract all the undamaged files available in that ZIP archive and it will display the log in the middle of the application window. You can also save the log with the help of ‘Save Log’ button in the application window. Rest of the button will exit the application and tell you more about the application.

It is a portable tool, so you can carry it anywhere as it is very rare for a ZIP file to get corrupt. You are only supposed to open the file and then this freeware will take care of the undamaged files in the ZIP archive. As you might not use this tool every day, so you can keep it in any of your software backup folder. The size of this tool is around 600KB and it has been checked with Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate. So, if you face any problem while using this tool, then please let us know.

Download Zip2Fix

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