Copy, Extract Deleted File On Hard Drive

You all must have faced problems with the recovery of deleted files in your system because sometimes after deleting a file from your system you need it back after few days for something important, but then it seems impossible to get it back, because generally we delete them even from our recycle bin. But don’t worry because here I am to put an end to all your worries, as with the help of freeware named as Recovery Desk 3.4 you can recover all your important data in just seconds.

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This software is just 878 KB in size which is extremely small and can be installed in matter of seconds. When you install this software, it will show you the drives on your computer including the sub drives which are present in your computer. There is an option of scan, which can be performed on any of the drives to get the list of deleted files. After scanning the drives,  you can select the required files to be recovered and then press the ‘recover button’ to recover your files to their previous location. It takes very less time for the file to get recovered. As an example, I recovered a file of 7 MB in just 10 seconds!!

It has multilingual interface i.e. you can also change the language according to your convenience, there are plenty of options available like English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian etc. and with the help of this tool you can easily recover the data from the USB drives, memory cards, digital cameras, memory sticks, flash drives as well. You can also recover multiple files in one go by selecting them simultaneously. The feature which I liked the most was that it can provide you the preview of your photos and provide the basic information about every file and folder before even recovering them so that you can recover the required ones.

If you don’t remember the drive in which your file was stored then you can also perform the full scan of your system in one go rather than scanning the individual drives. It will save your time to a great extent.

So in the end I recommend this exciting software to all those people who want to recover their important data efficiently and quickly.

This tool is compatible with all the version of Windows, as it has been checked on Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit Ultimate edition.

Download Recover Desk 3.4

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