Convert Torrent File Into .exe To Download Without Torrent Client

Yes, I am talking about a FREE tool to convert your torrent file to a .exe file with which you can directly download the files without any torrent client application installed on your system.

This application is called Torrent2Exe ,  as the name suggest it Convert torrents into stand-alone exe files and download them without a client. The application is really useful for those who do not want to install a torrent client which downloads the files instead by connecting to peers and seeds.

Note: The application offers a simple two-step approach to downloading torrent files without using a client.

How to use?

The only things you will need to do are to enter the URL of a torrent file or the path to it on your computer, select the size of the exe file to be generated and obtain an executable file (*.exe) that will download your torrent file automatically. Explore more about the cool application and do let us know about the same.

Download Torrent2Exe


  1. mukesh says


    Thank you very much bro this was the best thing i have got while searching on the internet. You Rock !

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