Convert XP To Mac OS With Leopard X Transformation Pack

This transformation pack allows you to customise the look and feel of windows XP to look like Mac OS. This mac customisation will change the following things in windows xp including Leopard-X styler, Leopard-X Mac search skin, Leopard-X Dock skin, Wallpapers

Leopard-X b

[ click the image above to see the image in full size ]

Previously we had written about mac os transformation of vista and all windows 7 transformation packs, and with Leopard X you can change windows xp to look like mac OS X

It contains several executable like Leopard-X dock.exe to get mac os dock, Leopard-X Search, Leopard-X Styler etc to get various different things of mac OS, It also have pdf to read on how to apply this entire mac transformation pack components.

Download Leopard X and change the look of windows XP

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