Convert Windows 7 User Interface To Look Like Windows 8

Windows 8 seems to have great looking UI customizations as it seems from the leaks coming out these days, like it will have a more simpler task manager which is very easy to understand and use, moreover it will have taskbar user tile photo which can used to switch to different accounts on windows, and you will be able to set a video as a user tile image in windows 8

All these features are really tempting, so just in case if you are bored of windows 7 interface on your computer, you can convert or transform the user interface on windows 7 to make it look like windows 8, you will need to install windows 7 to windows 8 transformation pack for this.

However the complete UI of windows 7 will not change still, your windows 7 will look like windows 8 to a great extent as much as it is possible. It will add the following features to windows 8.

1. Taskbar User Tile

2. Aero Lite

3. Windows 8 Aero Theme

4. Aura Beta 2

You can get an idea after looking at some screenshots taken after the transformation pack was installed.


Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack [ For Windows 7 ]

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