Convert Ubuntu 9.04 UI To Look Like Windows 7 With Vistar7

We have previously written about how to convert any distribution of linux to windows 7 look, today we will tell you about another free windows 7 transformation pack called Vistar7 which is specifically designed for ubuntu linux. This simple to use transformation pack will make ubuntu look like windows 7. Here are some screenshots for the same.


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Some more information required to install and use this transformation pack

Vistar7 Transformation Pack makes Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04 looks like Windows 7 in some areas. This transformation pack is for private use only! It was made purely for educational purposes. It is NOT RECOMMENDED FOR DAILY USE because it comes with absolutely no support, updates, fixes etc.
Note: This transformation pack is tested with fresh Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04.
Following the Features Of This Transformation Pack
- Vistar7 color scheme (public domain)
- Vistar7 plasma theme, based on Glassified (GPL)
- Redmond Vista – Normal deKorator theme (unknown)
- Win7 Icon theme (proprietary/unknown)
- Aero mouse theme (proprietary)
- Windows 7 like splash screen (proprietary)
- all Windows 7 sound themes (proprietary)
- Windows 7 wallpapers, including beta wallpapers (proprietary)
- Segoe UI, Calibri and Cambri fonts from Microsoft (proprietary)
- default Windows 7 user picture (proprietary)
How to Install:
- make sure you are on-line
- open konsole in Transformation Pack directory
- chmod +x
- sudo ./
- login as vistar7 user

Download Vistar7


  1. manoj says

    hiiiiiiii sir …i m manoj..from gurgaon…..i want to install vistar 7 transformar pack 9.04….,.,i have already download vistar7..but i cant undersnt..this setup…how to install vistar 7 plz help me sir

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