[Short Tip] Convert a Google Chrome Tab To Private Browsing Incognito Mode

There are times when you realize that you have opened a website in normal mode which you might have opened in incognito mode as you may not want to leave any trace of the website in browser history, now what if you can convert this tab in normal mode in google chrome in just with a single click.

Yes there are some great extensions which comes for free and can be easily installed from google chrome web store and they allow you to switch a tab and these extensions include Incognito This – It seamlessly switch open Chrome tabs to Incognito windows using the toolbar button.

Incognito This

Another extension called Ghost Incognito which does similar is but quite different as it takes care of certain websites and remembers them to open in incognito mode only so that you don’t have to remember. It also allow you to add more website to the default incognito list.


Another Extension called Incognito Tab Switch allows you to move a website opened in a google chrome tab allows you to extract the current tab to an incognito window, to quickly view the page without extensions disrupting the interface. Allow only this extension in incognito mode and you can re-insert the tab to its original position in your main normal window when you are finished.


Other Useful Incognito Google Chrome Extensions

Incognito Mode is another extension which adds a incognito icon in google chrome toolbar clicking on which will open the current focussed tab in incognito or private browsing mode.

Incognito Close is useful extension for those who love to browse in private browsing mode without leaving and history or accidentally opened windows, it auto close incognito windows inactive for over 30 minutes. Check ‘allow in incognito’ in extensions window or this won’t work.

Un incognito lets you browse all the websites in incognito mode by default except for a few selected websites that you can specify via a regular expression. Known limitation: when typing a new URL in a tab that will force the switch from incognito mode to regular mode (or vice versa), the current tab will be discarded.

Additional Related Info For Other Browsers

Incognito In Firefox

In order to browse in incognito mode in firefox, you can install the extension called Toggle Private Browsing which allows to toggle Firefox’s built-in private browsing mode with a toolbar or status bar button. You can also toggle Firefox to auto-start in private browsing mode.


Go to View->Toolbars, Select ‘Customize…” and look for the mask icon. Drag and drop this to the toolbar. Select the toolbar icon or the status bar icon in order to toggle in and out of private browsing mode.

Incognito In Internet Explorer

The simple way to open incognito mode in IE is done by pressing Ctrl + Shift + P and it will automatically open private browsing mode in IE.


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